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U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the investments in the American Jobs Plan in Washington, D.C., the United States, April 7, 2021.
Biden's infrastructure plan: What, why and its global economic impacts

Apr. 10 - "American roads are not good because America is rich, but America is rich because American roads are good," late U.S. President John Kennedy once said. 

However, U.S. infrastructure today no longer matched its economic status as the world's biggest economy. U.S. public domestic investment as a share of the economy has fallen by more than 40 percent since the 1960s, according to the White House. 

On a card with bullet points Joe Biden held at his first news conference as U.S. president two weeks ago, he noted that China spends three times more on infrastructure than the U.S.

The devastating COVID-19 pandemic in the past year has exposed many shortcomings of U.S. infrastructure systems. But it has also created an opportunity for the country to pass a bipartisan infrastructure package worth over $2 trillion proposed by President Biden. But getting the bill through would be an uphill battle where Democrats hold narrow majorities both in the House and Senate and Republicans are skeptical of a huge spending package.

​On Wednesday, Biden made a plea for Republicans to work with him on the plan emphasizing that it is essential to preserve U.S. economic status. He will discuss infrastructure plan with bipartisan members of Congress on Monday.     more details

APRIL 9, 2021
Derek Chauvin Trial for the Death of George Floyd, Day 10
Day 10 of the trial continued for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, accused in the death of George Floy
Derek Chauvin trial | Day 10
April, 10, 2020
Testimony continued in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who is charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in George Floyd’s death. A medical expert testified Thursday that Floyd died from a low level of oxygen that damaged his brain and caused his heart to stop. Dr. Martin Tobin, an expert who specializes in pulmonology and critical care, was the first witness called to the stand on the ninth day of the trial. Emergency medical physician and forensic medicine specialist Dr. Bill Smock later took the stand and gave a similar opinion, saying Floyd died not of a drug overdose, but because he had "no air left in his body."
Dr. Andrew Baker, the Hennepin County medical examiner who performed the initial autopsy of George Floyd, said that there were contributing factors to Mr. Floyd’s death but that ultimately it was homicide.
Takeaways from Day 10 of the Derek Chauvin trial.

Apr. 10 - One of the most anticipated witnesses of Derek Chavin’s trial, the Hennepin County medical examiner who performed the initial autopsy of George Floyd, testified on Friday that while police restraint was the main cause of Mr. Floyd’s death, drug use and heart disease were contributing factors.

The medical examiner, Dr. Andrew Baker, declared Mr. Floyd’s death a homicide in his autopsy, but had made several statements leading up to the trial that could have complicated the arguments of the prosecution, particularly in relation to Mr. Floyd’s drug use. In all, his testimony maintained that Mr. Chauvin’s actions — pinning Mr. Floyd to the street for nine and a half minutes — were the primary causes of death.

Jurors also heard from Dr. Lindsey Thomas, a forensic pathologist who helped train Dr. Baker. During her testimony, Dr. Thomas said she believed that Mr. Floyd died from a deprivation of oxygen caused by the restraint of Mr. Chauvin, the former police officer charged with murdering Mr. Floyd. Here are the highlights from Day 10 of the trial.     more

PBS NewsHour full episode, Apr. 9, 2021
Apr 10, 2021
Friday on the Newshour, the United Kingdom mourns as Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth's husband, dies at 99. Then, medical officials testify about the cause of George Floyd's death in the murder trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin. We look at the inoculation effort for high-risk meatpacking plant workers, and David Brooks and Jonathan Capehart join us to discuss this week's politics.


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