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Why the Omicron Variant Is Concerning Scientists | WSJ
Nov 29, 2021
South African scientists explore vaccines’ effectiveness against Omicron

Crucial work will study how well current jabs work and whether they need to be updated to tackle new variant

Nov. 29 - ...South African scientists were the first to report the Omicron variant to the World Health Organization on 24 November. At the time, the first known infection was on 9 November, but earlier infections may come to light as countries conduct thorough searches for cases, chiefly among travellers who recently returned from the region.

​The work in South Africa is part of an urgent global effort to understand the threat posed by Omicron. Ravi Gupta, professor of clinical microbiology at the University of Cambridge, hopes to join the effort soon, first with pseudoviruses and then with live Omicron. Further experiments, he said, will look at how well synthetic antibody treatments deal with the variant. The therapies are crucial for patients who are not able to mount their own immune response to the virus.

Several vaccine manufacturers have also launched studies into how well the jabs protect against Omicron. AstraZeneca is analysing infections and vaccination status in people in Botswana and Eswatini on the borders of South Africa. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Pfizer said the company hoped to have initial results from its own antibody studies “in the coming weeks”.

If the variant largely evades vaccines, both Moderna and Pfizer claim they can produce a new, tailor-made vaccine in about 100 days, subject to approval by regulators....     quoted from

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Nov 29, 2021
Why is the euro plunging?
The decline should be seen in a broader context

​Nov. 30 - The euro has weakened against the US dollar since the beginning of 2021, from around US$1.23 to its current exchange rate of US$1.13. That’s a fall of about 9 per cent, which is significant, especially since these are the two major currencies of the world. The drop has also intensified in November, falling 3 per cent since the turn of a month, which has seen violence in European capitals over COVID restrictions, migrant problems at the Belarus-Poland border and Russian troops amassing on the border of Ukraine.

The decline should be seen in a broader context, though. The euro is still stronger than a couple of years ago, when it was about US$1.10. It also went through some heavy weekly volatility from February to April 2020 in the early part of the COVID pandemic, bouncing between about US$1.07 and US$1.13 at a time when lots of investors were fleeing to the US dollar for safety and there was much uncertainty about what lockdowns would mean.

Explaining currency movements on a weekly or even monthly basis is well known to be extremely difficult, especially when it comes to major economies like the US and the countries in the eurozone. But certainly we need to look at what is happening in both regions and not just one or the other. Using this simple idea, there are several explanations for the recent euro depreciation.

Inflation differences
The first explanation relates to the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank (ECB) stimulating their economies using quantitative easing (QE), which is essentially creating money to buy financial assets such as government bonds from banks and other major investors. Both central banks have been doing this extensively since the start of the pandemic.

​However, with annual inflation in the US now reaching a serious level of 6.2%, compared with a less troublesome 4.1% in the eurozone,..     more

​北约将决定对俄行动?俄警告将保持核战备状态 20211129 |
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Nov 30, 2021
The chief of the NATO military alliance on Monday warned Russia not to make any military moves against Ukraine, saying the cost would be dear.
NATO Chief: Russian Aggression Against Ukraine Would Carry High Price

Nov. 30 - "Any future Russian aggression against Ukraine would come at a high price. And have serious political and economic consequences for Russia," NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters ahead of a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Latvia's capital Riga starting on Tuesday, Anadolu news agency reported.

The two-day meeting is set to discuss a range of issues, including the Russian military buildup near the Ukrainian border.

"We are also monitoring the situation at the border of Ukraine with concern. This is the second time this year that Russia has amassed large and unusual concentration of forces in this region,” Stoltenberg told a press conference alongside Egils Levits, president of the Baltic state of Latvia.

“We see heavy weapons, artillery, armored units, drones and electronic warfare systems and tens of thousands of combat-ready troops,” he added.

​He stressed that Russia has to show transparency in order to reduce tensions and de-escalate the situation.
"NATO’s approach to Russia remains consistent. We keep our defense and deterrence strong, while remaining open for dialogue with Russia," he said...     more


NOVEMBER 29, 2021
​President Biden Meets with CEOs on Holiday Shopping
President Biden met with executives from several big companies including Food Lion and Walmart to discuss supply chain issues and the holiday shopping season.
President Biden Hosts Roundtable with Leading Retailers About Holiday Shopping, Stocked Shelves and Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges

​Today, President Biden, Director of the National Economic Council, Brian Deese and Cedric Richmond, Director of Office of Public Engagement, hosted a roundtable with a diverse group of American companies to discuss their outlook for the strong holiday shopping season, and the steps companies large and small have taken to meet consumer demands. The meeting also highlighted steps companies have taken to overcome supply chain bottlenecks and the progress they are seeing at the Ports of LA and Long Beach, as a result of the work of the Biden-Harris Administration.

The CEOs thanked President Biden for his focus on supply chain bottlenecks and the productive partnership he established with the private sector to tackle these disruptions.

​The business leaders noted the strength of their supply chains, especially for seasonal items, and highlighted ways they had planned ahead, diversified their supplier base, sourced new products, and partnered closely with suppliers to be ready to meet the seasonal demand. The result of this planning is evident in their high inventory levels and high on time delivery rates.

Participants noted that the backlog at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has decreased, and Walmart CEO Doug McMillon highlighted a 51% improvement in his company’s throughput at the ports due to the work of the Biden-Harris Port Envoy...     more


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